1. Language
  1. You must abide by the language restrictions in the forum section where you post. It means that using Turkish in the English section is strictly forbidden, and that’s the same for the English in the Turkish section.
  2. Offensive language is not allowed. Swear words, trolling, and flaming are all considered as offensive.

2. Style
  1. Writing whole post in bold, italic, underline or in one color or huge size is not allowed. Styles are here to help you emphasize something, not to write entire post with some fancy style options.

3. Content
  1. Don’t spam
  2. Don’t try to BUMP(„Bring Up My Post”) your threads.
  3. Don’t post illegal, copyrighted content
  4. Use Search before you post
  5. Try to make your post as clear as possible, include all needed information
  6. Google Translate is supposed to help you with translation not to translate entire text for you.
  7. Don’t try to bypass swear filter
  8. Don’t Troll other users are make any other players feel they are not welcome. This community is for everybody to enjoy!
  9. Don't backseat moderate (see the reference here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/defin...at%20Moderator )