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    [GUIDE] Incorrect password entry and blocked anyotp


    Let's discuss some details about AnyOTP program.


    In this guide, we will explain what to do when AnyOTP is blocked and how to reset the program.
    Entering an incorrect password 10 times will cause AnyOTP to be blocked.

    For example; in order to disable ICS service, you need to switch the activation button to “OFF” and enter the OTP one time password. If you enter the wrong code 10 times and every time you get an error message that says “FAILED”, your AnyOTP program will be blocked and the process will not be completed by a success even if you enter the correct code.

    Please follow the instructions below to make OTP usable again in this situation.

    1-) Login to with your NTTGame portal ID and password, then choose “Reset AnyOTP Device” under “MY ICS” tab.

    On the opened page, click [SEND CODE] (1). After that, you will receive a 6-digit-code to your registered mobile phone.

    A notification window that saying you have received the code to your phone will be shown.

    Enter the code where it says “Validation Code” (2) and click “RESET” button to reset AnyOTP program (3).

    Clicking RESET button will open a notification window. To say OK for this notification, click “OK/TAMAM”. 5 NPoints will be charged from your account and AnyOTP will be reset.

    A page will be opened up that leads you to main page or ICS page.

    3-) If you did not delete AnyOTP program, you do not need to download and reinstall it. But if you deleted it, in order to reactivate AnyOTP, you need to click “Resend OTP ID & Auth Code” button and get a new Auth Code. This also charges 5 NPoints for an SMS.

    Click “Resend Authentication Code” button and you will receive a message notifying you that you won’t be able to use anymore the Auth Code you received earlier and asks if you would like to continue the process.

    Click “OK/TAMAM” to continue. Afterwards you will receive an SMS containing the OTP ID and new password.

    4-) If you deleted AnyOTP and used " Resend OTP ID & Auth Code " option, you need to install the AnyOTP software to your PC or mobile phone again and enter the OTP ID Auth Code to the AnyOTP program.

    Attention; you will need to recreate your personal password after you enter your OTP ID and Auth Code to the AnyOTP program.
    Now you can continue enjoying the game.

    *** If your AnyOTP program is blocked and you did not reset it; “Resend OTP ID & Auth Code” option will not work. You must reset it first and then get a new Auth Code.

    *** You can use your Auth Code in 3 days; but if you have used it once, you can not use it again.

    Thank you for your interests.
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