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    [GUIDE] ICS Membership, Installing AnyOTP Program and How to Use ICS


    Here is the guide of “How to Register ICS”, “How to Use ICS“ and “How to Secure Your Accounts with ICS”.


    To use ICS Security System, you must complete the registration process. Registration process is completely free; but the changes that you do after completing registration cost 5 NPoints per SMS (Resend Code, Reset Code…) .
    You can follow the steps below to register ICS.

    First, you must login to our ICS website from this link .

    When you login, the page you will see is the “My ICS” page. You can see the your account information here.
    In order to begin, you must verify your e-mail address. Please click the red-colored [Verify: Step 1] for this.

    Next you will see a screen with your Account ID and E-mail address.

    Please click the “Send Email Verification” button, and a verification link will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

    When you click the verification link, it will lead you back to the ICS site. (if the link is not able to be clicked, please copy the link and paste it to your browser address bar.)
    If you succeed, you will see the notice in the picture below.

    For the next step, click the ICS LOGIN button to login to the site. After login, you will need to verify your mobile phone number.

    On this screen click [Verify: Step 2].

    Select your country code on the mobile phone number verification page. Then type your mobile phone number. After making sure your mobile phone number is correct, click “REQUEST CODE”.

    Your phone number information page will pop up. When you Click “OK/TAMAM” button, your mobile phone number is verified.

    Click “OK/TAMAM” button and a notification window pops up. An authentication code will be sent to your mobile phone.

    A 6-digit code will be sent to your registered mobile phone within 3 minutes.

    Type the code you have recently received into the field for “Enter the authentication code you have received” and click “SUBMIT CODE”.

    Your mobile phone number is now verified.

    To complete your registration, please click the “Register” button.

    On the MY ICS page, you can choose which kind of device you want to use for the ICS system.

    You can use the Any OTP program on your mobile device or your PC. We chose PC in this guide, but it’s the same process for mobile.

    Choose “PC” then click “FREE REGISTER” button in the 3rd step.

    A window will pop up indicating that you have completed your registration, and your ID and temporary password for AnyOTP program will be sent to your registered phone number.

    ***Please remember that you have to use your temporary password to create your own password for AnyOTP program within 3 days.

    To download the AnyOTP program to your PC click the “DOWNLOAD” button.


    After the downloading process finishes, you can complete the installation process for the AnyOTP program.

    1-) Please type the OTP ID that starts with “KO”, which you have received to you phone, to ID blank to login to the AnyOTP program. This is your AnyOTP User ID.

    Type the 6 digit code you have recently received to your phone to the AuthCode blank and click “Confirm”.

    2-) A window will pop up to reset your temporary password and create a new password after you click the “Confirm” button. Create a password and click “Confirm” again. This is your AnyOTP Password.

    3-) After creating a password for AnyOTP, a 6 digit code will be generated by the AnyOTP program for entering game or changing the ICS settings of your account. This password will renew itself every 60 seconds and is only for one-time use. For every attempt to login the game you will need to have a new one time password.

    You will need to login to the NTTGame portal and turn “On” to use ICS Service for Knight Online.
    Please follow the instructions below.

    Enter the one time “OTP” password given by AnyOTP in the blank to complete the process.
    After you have done this succesfully, you will see a notice pop up.

    ***If you would like to activate ICS security for your account information (when you want to change your portal account information), please turn the settings “On” for ICS service for NTTGAME and follow the same process with a new one time password.

    You can make these changes from “MY ICS – OTP Active Setting” after logging in to

    After you have logged in to Knight Online with your ID and Password, if you have activated ICS security system for your Knight Online account, it will ask you to enter a valid AnyOTP password within 60 seconds. You can login after entering this code to the box (shown as below).

    Thank You for Your Interests.

    NTTGame Support Team
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