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    but you never reported your clan mates for their cheating and you chose to remain in a clan that cheats. IF you were so innocent Rotsauce would have unblocked you.... he did not say you were banned by him... he just stated you were in Eslant at that time.... again... you chose to remain in a clan that cheats and they got caught... you got lucky that day is all
    Over and Out! Good luck with this game

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    I must tell you again lt wouldn't illegality when I was in party!I'm very careful about it!I'm playing this game for years and I'm not risking myself to something ridiculous While my friends in activity I didn't observe any illegality issue in my party.I haven't seen no evidence while if they use cheat.If they were used cheating I'd complain about them before anyone else.Also Everyone is responsible for own character.External activity doesn't concern me.I've always fought against illegality especially in Ronark Land.Please Do not confuse me with koxpers/mage trains.I've always fighting with them with legal.
    If someone use the cheat they will be blocked.The final decision belongs to Gms.I respect that but I think that They had been made mistake this issue.I'm trying to fix this error.Lets wait and see

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    Verdict: Guilty
    The jury voted no to unban the account.

    The gm's will also take a look and could decide the same or not.

    Good Luck
    <3 <3 <3 *Hugs* <3 <3 <3

    Do Not Give Your Passwords To Others, Not Even To Moderators, The Customer Support, Admins And GM's.
    We Will Never Ask For That Kind Of Information!

    Do not click on links given ingame, not even from a GM. There are fake GM's on the servers.

    Please don't post your account ID on the forum for your own protection.

    Please use the right forum for your language!

    Please do NOT post cheat reports outside the cheat report section!

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