1. You are only allowed to present your case 1 time to the jury. If you get denied on the Turkish forum do not try it here again and the other way around.
2. If its a different case/account then you may open another topic.
3. This is the English forum, so keep it English. If you are better at Turkish use the Turkish forum. If you use another language and have trouble with English ask someone to help you translate. Do Not use google translate for your whole story. It will be confusing and unreadable.
4. Check on your topic daily for updates and questions on your case. If you do not provide new information that is asked by the jury, your topic will be closed within 2 weeks.
5. Other forum rules also apply here. Do not spam. Do not flame/troll and use normal text. etc. And Stay Ontopic!!!
6. Other are allowed to posts facts on the case. Claiming someone cheated needs to be shown with proof.
7. Do not take other cases as an example of why you should get unbanned. You need to proof only with facts about your case why you are innocent.
8. Do not present your case via pm to the jury members. They won't take a look at it then so leave them alone.
9. Do not threaten or yell at the jury members or you will get a permanent ban from the forum aswell.
10. Do not give away personal account information like email, passwords, account ID. The gms only need your character name and server to check up on you. without that kind of info we can't help you. Ticket number is also useful as extra info.

How the court works:
1. You present your care in the right format we asked you for.
2. Make sure you know the reason of the ban/block from the CS.
3. If it is in the right format and you got the reason, the moderators will move your topic from the right to defense section to the gamers court.
4. The jury will ask question to gather more information within 2 weeks.
5. The jury will provide the moderators their votes and the moderators will close the topic with the final verdict from the jury.
6. The verdict will be the majority of the votes from the jury. So if 3 say no and the rest says yes to lift the ban, the verdict will be to lift the ban.
7. After the topics are closed, the cases will be given to the gms, to cast their vote and check on the information they have with what you have provided.
8. The gms will let you know what their verdict is by..... (ill get back on that when i get the answer)
9. You will get unbanned ........ (don't know when yet) after the gms gave a verdict.
10. You will begin in the Discipline Dungeon. You will have to buy a stick and do the quest to get out.
11. If you don't want to make any effort to get out of jail yourself, don't waste our time.
12. Gamer's Court will be closed as of the 14th of March, 2014, and all investigations will end on the 14th of June, 2014.