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    Quote Originally Posted by imFabulous View Post
    The Leader Point bug ( Wich is not my problem) was Accumulation of Leader point's Old Month + New Month = Huge Amount of Leader points = Ban 30 days and Remove to 100 NP or LP i dont remember.
    My problem is Each Day np , that day i made 15 K NP and went to sleep the Second day i made 15 K more , BUT THEY DIDNT RESET( Each Day Count NP) IT AFTER 24 HOURS , AND I MADE 30 K NP THAT MEANS I SURPASS THE LIMIT OF 25 K AND I GOT BLOCKED , THAT BLOCK for surpass NationalPOINT NOT LP Was Permanent.
    you are complety wrong, and im best example of that. My national points (and my one of my clannie) was restarted to 0 at new month, and after week and few days of pk(each of us reach nerly 200k lp`s and a bit more NP`s during that time) we where banned for 30 days and ouer np`s was restarted to 0, nobody was banned for acumulated LP`s points form few months, ppl get banned for making 2 much lp`s/np`s in ONE day. And the thing is i dont remember anybody ever banned pernamently for that on my server, but alot ppl got their NP`s wiped out and 30 days wacation. btw CAPS LOCK IS NOT NECESSARY.
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    There was some different situations on each server , like the wipe we had on kronos and all Cursed weapons +9 got deleted , i got banned on that time this Bug was goin on , and i didnt make NPT , i Respect your point cause what you saying is true ,but there was some cases like me on kronos that they permanently block the character .
    i use caps instead underline the quote's cause some people dont like to read all , just what they want.
    Anyways i really hope you can remember some cases that people got permantly block(On This Bug Time) or some of the other jurys or maybe some Moderator.
    Cause the true is it was pointless to make NPT with the items i had , Dual roc 3 , Dual Minotaur ear 3 , SOS 3 , AoC + 3 , HB 11 Rebirth , Murky 9 , Gab 7 and more and more items that i had on my character.
    Also i have spended more then 1500$ on that char buying cash(Prem) Scrols to sell on moradon , i have used that same ID on Manes , Akara and kronos also on Titan i have lvl 81 warrior all of the server's MyBabyJoinMeInDeath , MyBabyJealousDeath , many people currently playing on Athena(FromKronos) can vauch for me cause i have played always on hight top clans like SekBaniCedid , DestinyCalls and many kronos clans on Athena.


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    Since the beginning of this month.....In just a day or two from the reset of ladder points.....I have seen many players here on Atlantis where their LP's have not reset....Some of these players are walking a round with the orange snake symbol and higher......I asked around and soon discovered, that if a player who remains online after the reset time of LP of 24 hours or more.....their LP's will not get reset......I think it all also has to do when it comes down when a weekly maintenance is done, where players cannot logged in at this time, compared to when the servers are not under maintenance, and can remain online, until another maintenance.
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    Verdict: Guilty

    The jury voted no to unban the account.

    The gm's will also take a look and could decide the same or not.

    Good Luck
    <3 <3 <3 *Hugs* <3 <3 <3

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