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    Exclamation [Verdict: Unban Account] - [C-West/Anatolia] SynSatioN

    Character name: SynSatioN
    Server: C-West A.K.A Anatolia
    Account block date: Somewhere around June-August 2012.
    Reason: Third Party Tools
    Well, I don't have any pictures to prove that I'm innocent.. but that day I wasn't the only one who got banned.
    A game master logged in that day and banned around 100 hackers and few normal players between these one-hundred.
    That day, I was just walking in ronark land.. PKing normally....... without any programs or anything.. the only program I had opened was Ventrilo and Anti Virus.

    Also, that day the servers lagged a lot for some reason so a lot of players who's not leaving near Turkey, had A LOT of laggs.. I was one of these players and I had a lot of "Tp-Backs" while I ran.. Everytime I opened light feet I got tped back because of the laggs.

    I'm assuming the GM didn't have enough experience so he thought I'm using some hack because of the TP back.
    I tried to make tickets about it and I always got the same answer, "We can not help with that issue blablbalbala, we're sorry for the inconvenience"
    For the first 2weeks I made about 3tickets and I got on every single one of them, auto answer with the same exact words!
    Then I gave up..

    Few days ago, a friend of mine came and told me I can appeal against that ban at this forums nowadays so I got some hope now.

    I will appreciate any help with this subject, I used to be a paying customer that pays on monthly basis for premiums and NPoints for scrolls and such.
    Once I get banned by a GM that we couldn't even contact (the forum didn't work back then) I don't get any support at all..?

    Help me out here please.

    Thanks in advanced,
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