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    [Verdict: Unban Account] - xXxADlDASxXx Athena Server

    Character name: xXxADlDASxXx
    Server: Athena
    Account block date: 2 years ago+ under previous administration (not NTT)
    Reason: My account was hacked - Folk Village hacker. The hacker got my account banned.

    In my own defense, I do not think I should be punished for whatever it was that the hacker did on my account, which caused the account to be banned.
    I had an archer and a healer on that account, both were moderately geared with rb+1 items (armour and weapons). Both characters were stripped naked. I logged that account maybe 3 or 4 times after it was initially hacked, as I was trying to submit a ticket at the time. Because the account was not linked to a Gamersfirst account, I could not receive support for the account.

    Now, I try to log onto the forum with that account, and the system tells me that the account does not exist. Yet I can log username and password on the client and get to the "you have been blocked" message. I can't send a ticket from that account.

    I am a long time player, legitimate player, and ex-sheriff on Ares. I would like my archer account back please.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because my account does not exist on the NTT website, I cannot validate my account, nor can I sms verify my account, so I will not be able to purchase Npoints on my account. How am I to get out of the Discipline Dungeon if I can't buy a Dragon Wings+Stick package? And, why do we need to start there to begin with, as our accounts were unfairly banned....just trying to understand how the system works.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my case.

    aka JaiDee


    Quote Originally Posted by Rotsauce

    Sorry for the delayed response. It seems your account is accessed from Australia and UGC option is only available for our company through the US (I believe we don't have an agreement for UGC in Australia, will take further research). As far as your banned account, if I were you I would put your case in Gamer's Court. Since it was banned by the previous publishers and you seem fairly thorough presenting your story, I don't see why it can't be reopened.

    I realise that the wheels of progress take time to turn. The above message is what prompted me to apply for appeal. Rotsauce seems to think there should be no issue, so I would appreciate the opportunity for the Jury to hear my case, please. I did not wish to play the GM card when I initially applied for appeal, but now I see cases that were presented after I presented mine. I am not sure if perhaps it is taking longer to make a decision on my case, or whether it was just decided that I don't get my rogue account back If it is the latter case, it would be appropriate to receive some communication back, alerting us to the failure of our case. Thanks in advance.
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