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    i dont think it was a hackshield blockage since i used to play the game for a long time without problems

    well i do play sometimes i woudnt say im active, i did ran before very few times changing the keyboard/mouse back and forth writing messages and using mouse on both computers with the program running the game client on computer without keyboard/mouse, while i am writing this message im also testing the game on the other pc using SYNERGY and its running fine (wrote messages, opened pm, opened merchant and went through gates) all working fine.

    Edit: since i cant log 2 accounts on same ip without having premium i really dont even use the other computer to log into game, when i log i use my main pc
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    Okey, is good to know. Thanks.

    ... Life is always like a game, anything could happen. Learn play fair!

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    Verdict: Not Guilty
    The jury voted yes to unban the account.

    The gm's will also take a look and could decide the same or not.

    Good Luck
    <3 <3 <3 *Hugs* <3 <3 <3

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