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    Playing The Game My Way & Not Your Way

    To All KO Players......This message goes out to everyone. I'm so darn angry right now I could spit. First of all I'm a 61 year old woman who has been playing this game for nearly 18 years coming this November. I will not have anyone tarnished my great reputation in the game, by imtimidating or making threats. I enjoy playing this game. I have made several upon several friends from both nations. In which we all have a mutual respect for each other. I have since level 78 did all my exp solo. To my present level 83/7. Believe me that is extremely hard to do without being a premium player. I mostly exp in CZ area due to the fact that exp is higher, and I can kill certain mobs much faster. I even rely on monster stones for my extra additional solo exp. When I am in cz I mind my own business. I do not interfer where players are pking against one another (which earns respect). When opposite nation are in same field I exped at. If they do not bother me, why should I bother them (which earns respect). You tend to get more accomplished this way. When I had hit my first 1m in national points with members of my clan. And the hacks came into game and ruined that aspect of the game for pking. I only relied on getting my national points the hard way, by going solo in war and getting whatever I can. I play always by KO rules. Never used any illegal programs. I have never really used the ingame genie until recently with this kaul event. But otherwise I keep to my own, and mine my own business. I also was the original Edana & Atlantis Sheriff for 5 years. In which I was proud to say that in my first month as a sheriff. Along with another human sheriff. We had over 9k in accounts banned that were all illegal. It had taken a Karus Sheriff and myself a Human Sheriff one night alone for nearly 13 hours, removing the botters inside the game. Although we did not enjoy this, but was doing our BEST to help keep this game clean. In my earlier years on KO. I would walk along side by side with the GM's online. Helping remove sin's that were shooting arrows out of their daggers. I do not interfer with anyone or any nation game play. I will not risk my account for NO ONE. Whether I play solo or in a party....which some of the time are clan members or close ingame friends. I play this game the way I want to, that is clean and free, and hassle free. I know my TOS, and agree by these. So I will have no one tell me what I can do or not do, inside the game, if I am NOT doing anything wrong or illegal.

    Intimidation/bulling making threats, is a bannable offense, your lucky I am nice and not reporting you.
    Just because I have several years of friends on this server, does not mean I have to be an idiot and attack them in pking areas. If they bother me....most know I can handle my own in there by myself.
    It also does not imply that I am working with them in any shape or form when I am in the CZ area.
    I just got used to doing most things in game all solo.

    One thing I will not tolerate is being intimidated nor threatened by anyone in game on my server.....There is nothing in KO rules that says
    1) I have to be in any form of party to play the game
    2) To participate in pking
    3) To participate in your exp party
    4) Force to attack other players of opposite nation, if they are not interfering with my game or what I am doing at the time.
    5) Intimidation/bullying is a bannable offense, your lucky I am nice and not reporting you.

    So in other words I shall keep playing this game my way, and diffently NOT your way.
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