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    [Patch Notes] 7/29/2021

    Hail Knights,

    During this server maintenance;

    - The I Love Knight Online event has been added to the NPC named Akara's Altar.

    After going to Akara's Altar and typing "I Love Knight Online", a 4-hour "I Love Knight Online Emblem" will be yours.

    The features you will gain with this emblem are as follows;

    * EXP 20%
    * HP +300
    * Weight 300
    * Cont 2

    - Added new effects for received Loot (Drop) and EXPs. You can access the relevant settings by following the steps F10 -> Option -> Looting Option -> Looting Effect.

    - The top 3 players in the monthly Ladder Point ranking of the servers will earn Premium according to their ranking! The event will start on August 1st and will end on Tuesday, August 31st. Prizes will be distributed as of Thursday, September 9th. Premium rewards are for 30 days.

    First Player -> 30 Days of Switching Premium
    Second Player -> 30 Days of War Premium
    Third Player -> 30 Days of Bronze Premium

    - The Pathos Glove Package and the 3x BUFF SC Event have ended.

    - The +3 NP Event has ended.

    - The 1+1 event has been extended for another 4 weeks!

    - The Juraid 2x Event has been extended for another 4 weeks!

    - 30% EXP Festival Has Started! EXP Event is with you for 4 weeks!

    - Ibex Potion, Crisis Potion, and 90% Resurrection Scroll can be purchased from NPC Aset for Noah for 4 weeks!
    * There is a difference between buying Ibex Potions DC Premium and normal.
    - Normally, Ibex 70m Crisis can be taken as 105m. (When buying in this way, the pots come as tradable.)
    - DC Premium can be purchased with ibex 55m and Crisis as 80m. (When buying in this way, the pots are not tradable.)


    - The New Attend Event Will Be In Game For 4 Weeks! In order to participate in the event, you need to go to the NPC named [Event Manager] Aset and press the "Progress of Attendance Check" button. You can get "Daily Coin" and a random item daily by clicking the "Progress of Attendance Check" button from the menu that opens. You can deliver the Daily Coins you collect by logging in daily to the same NPC to get the reward you want.

    You can see the rewards and the amount of Daily Coins required below.

    1 Daily Coin -> You can get one of 4 random Gems.
    You can get 3 Daily Coin -> 5 x Armor & Weapon Enchant Scroll. (Non tradable)
    You can get 5 Daily Coins -> 3 Daily Alencia Wings.
    You can get 7 Daily Coin -> 7 Day VIP Vault Key.
    You can get 10 Daily Coins ->5 x Magic Hammer. (Non tradable)
    You can get 14 Daily Coin -> 15 Day Lunar Tattoo.

    - Increased the impression limit from 100 to 999 in the new Kills and Assists Line system.

    - Added 3 Different Fireworks to Sundries.

    - Removed the Ronark Land map in Vega 2.

    - Twisted Moradon Event Is Back! The event will be active for 4 weeks.

    - Ronark Land - Green Mithril Piece quest has been reactivated.

    Have fun!
    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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    It's okey, but...

    - The 1+1 event has been extended for another 4 weeks! ( K0xp, illegal players will be happy)

    But i never hear about fix server for Europa/NA/SA Players ;]

    Im playing, almost 1 year with (300ms, delay, skills failed, character back etc.... :/ ) Im not alone with this problem.

    New patch notes 3+, could be better.

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