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    New Continuous Kill and Assist System!

    Continuous Kill
    When you last kill an enemy character
    If you kill an enemy character within a certain amount of time after killing the previous enemy, your kill will increase
    If you kill multiple enemy at the same time, the highest kill image will get displayed

    Criteria for resetting and ending this continuous kill
    If the enemy isn’t killed within this certain period of time, the continuous kill resets and ends
    If your IP and enemy’s IP are the same, continuous kill will be reset
    If you move to another zone, it resets

    All party members and All users will see the Kill mark.
    After every 10 or more kills, it’ll be displayed in the chat window for users to see in Ronarkland.
    The notice will show to you and the party members

    Continuous kill displayed on Party Chat window
    Your number of kills will be displayed in the party window during your continuous kills
    The number of consecutive kills displayed in the party window will be reset and removed when the continuous kill ends and resets
    Only visible to yourself

    Priest Continuous Assist
    Shows continuous assist images on the screen when using heal/curse skills
    If a certain amount of time has passed during this assist, it will be reset
    It is only visible to yourself.

    Priest Heal Continuous Assist [Grade] Judgment
    Depending on the how necessary the heal was for the recovery of the party members, heal will be graded as Perfect, Great, good, and Nice.

    Priest Heal Assist Displayed
    Counters are accumulated as many as the number of characters who received the total heal assist. And among the characters who received the heal, it’ll show the highest grade counter.

    If the character killed by a party member with the last blow has his own curse, it will be included in the continuous assist.
    Curse assist counters are accumulated with healing
    Curse assist displays only the highest grade.
    Curse also has the same conditions as heal and is shared.

    Kill/Assist indicator
    If continuous kills and assists are happening at the same time, continuous kills are shown first
    Your kill as well as assist will be shown as 1st priority and when your kill image is showing, the total kill image won’t be shown.

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    Priest Heal Continuous Assist [Grade] Judgment
    heal will be graded as Perfect, Great, good, and Nice.
    How about Horrible?

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