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Thread: Fugitive Kaul!

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    Fugitive Kaul!

    Hunt Fugitive Kaul and Get The Spoils!

    In celebration of the Feast of Sacrifice holiday, we are happy to announce a new event!

    Kauls will be running wild in front of Moradon Castle.
    Defeat the Kauls, capture the Sheep Looking Kaul items, and bring them back to Trainer Kate to receive the following rewards:

    100 Sheep Looking Kaul Items - VIP Vault Key (1 day) or Menissiah's Trade Board (1 day)
    Note: The above items can be collected once per character.

    10 or more Sheep Looking Kaul Items - Random prize including Jewels, Transformation Scrolls, and much more! This action is repeatable.

    Note: With the 10 Sheep Looking Kaul exchange option, all Sheep Looking Kaul items in your bag are automatically delivered to Kaul's mother, we recommend that you only have 10 Sheep Looking Kaul items in your bag for Gems etc.

    When 10.000 “Sheep like Kaul” items are turned in, Kaul mother will be generated in the mora island.

    When you kill Kaul's mother on the new servers, you will get "Stellar Tattoo"! On the old servers, you will get the Trophy of Flame item.

    You can get Sheep Looking Kaul material from the mobs placed in Moradon.

    Event Start: 15 July 2021
    Event End: 12 August 2021

    Happy hunting!

    NTT Game | Knight Online Team
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