Hello, here are 3x suggestions that will make solo/team player's life easier.

1. Stucking Mosters:
As everyone experienced, we stuck monsters in Draki's Tower, and this situation makes Draki's Tower harder and harder for weak jobs such as STR battlepriests, paper mages. Can you please remove stucking to Draki's Tower monsters?

2. Alliance with opposite nation:
There are many people who make alliance with opposite nation. For example, I play as human and want to farm in Ronark Land or Ardream. Then another human comes and starts to KS. Then a Karus comes and kills me but not the other Human. Besides, those characters make money in-game and sell it for real money. I do not know if you can prevent people from such behaviours; but, this is the another situation that makes game harder for solo players.

3. Sprint buff:
There is a NPC named National Enchanter in almost every zone excluding PK zones. While we can get attack, AC, and HP buffs with a duration of 30 minutes, sprint buff is 10 minutes. Could you please add another option for sprint buff with a duration of 30 minutes which requires 3x more coins compared to normal one?

Best Regards,

Olympia - HuckleBerryFinn