Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* 4-hours "Event Emblem" item, which can be bought once a day on Akara's Altar, has been added.
- Event Emblem; 20% EXP, 50 Defense, 300 Weight and NP 2

* Fixed the issue of "Skill Failed - Too Far" when using Genie in the Warrior class.

* Gatekeeper etc. in Lunar War war. The problem of defensive values when using the Torment skill against monsters has been fixed.

* An issue with the HP Booster buff counter has been fixed.

* Knight Royale event has ended.

* Visual arrangements have been made regarding the area skills used by the boss creatures. (Felankor, Deva, and Virgin)

* During the CSW event, a study was conducted on the problem of Central Artifact invisible.

* Text editing and tooltip update has been made for some items.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team