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    [Update Notes] 06.05.2021

    Hail Knights,

    During this server maintenance;

    * Ramadan event has ended.

    * The Crisis / Ibex Pot and 90% Resurrection Sc sales event on the [Aset] NPC has ended.

    * Hero Wing and Lunar Tattoo have been added to the [Aset] NPC. (For 4 weeks)
    - Hero Wing (30 Days) and Lunar Tattoo (30 Days)> 190 M
    - Hero Wing (30 Days)> 90 M
    - Lunar Tattoo (30 Days)> 120 M

    * With PM shutdown, the problem of sending messages to different players has been fixed.

    * You can buy the "Event Emblem" item for 2 hours per day through Akara's Altar.
    - Event Emblem; 20% EXP, 50 Defense, 30 Weight and NP 2

    * Fixed the issue of not showing NPC locations in some missions.

    * Text editing and tooltip update has been made for some items.

    * The drop rate of Ronarkland bifrost creatures has been reduced.

    Have fun!
    NTTGame || Knight Online Team

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    The % of damage of the Battle Hero Wings & the tatoo's dont work in mages.
    The damage to monsters and vs other players with mage atacks its the same using or not using it
    I think it only work increasing the AP but mages do magical damage

    But the chrismas star really works: it increase 3% more damage to monsters

    Fix it please.

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