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    Quote Originally Posted by beggars View Post

    system downloads data patch and starts game. After about a minute in the game, game closes ad get a xigncode error.

    try logging in again - same thing - game again downloads data patch, starts, and closes after a minute with the zigncode error.

    Any resolution?

    Hello i am a premium user as well i would like know if there is a solution to do about this problem as soon as possible because we are investing real money in this game.
    thank you in advance i hope they will fix fast

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    Still no update from support

    I tried 2nd computer - same issue with log in for a minute than game closes with xigncode 0xE019100B.

    tried rolling back patch to 2355 to reapply patch from yesterday with all A/V off and same result.

    can't get in game until fixed

    similar issue happened a few months ago any they needed to apply a fix

    anyone else have any luck?
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    We are many users who have this error, xigncode 0xE019100B, and in my case I have paid for my Premium, the hours go by and we do not have a solution for this problem which is a great annoyance because our money is going to the water, I hope that in a reasonable time they give a solution to this great gambling problem.

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    i got same issue, if you connect Turkey servers with any VPN, it works and no any problem but this problem has to be solved right away because when u connect with VPN there is lag problem as well.

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    I hope that, your problem will be fixed soon good games.

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    same problem here, i am desperate

    i've tried reinstalling game 5-6 times, downloaded from web, starts on version 26022021, ll the way to patch 2258 but sme error continues, i deleted many programs i tho might be doing interference, run KO in compatibility mode and even attempt to run on minimum specs for both game and PC! same error, i checkd DirectX versions, tried restore points before windows update and still SAME EROOR! this is def a KO problem, cuz finally i decided to write an email to wellbia explaining all my troubleshooting steps looking for some wisdom, maybe something i skipped, and this they're answer

    Hello there!
    This is an automated response from the Support team of Wellbia Co., Ltd.
    Hmm, seems like you have some troubleshooting issues with your game!
    We’re sorry for your inconvenience.
    Your xigncode.log sent to us has detected a third party program as the
    c:\-s\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knightonlineen \Data\Skill_Magic_Main_tk.tbl

    c:\-s\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knightonlineen \Data\Skill_Magic_Main_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_23_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_21_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_21_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_20_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_20_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_19_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_19_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_18_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_18_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_17_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_17_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_14_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_14_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_10_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_10_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Exchange.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\ACHIEVE_main.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Zones.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\UIs_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Texts_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Skill_Magic_8.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Skill_Magic_4.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\mob_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\mob_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\mixtable_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\mixtable_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\MixLargeTbl_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\MixLargeTbl_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Org_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Org_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_42_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_42_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_3_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_3_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_33_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_33_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_27_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\data\Item_Ext_23_us.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\Data\Skill_Magic_Main_tk.tbl

    c:\users\junta\onedrive\desktop\ko\nttgame\knighto nlineen\Data\Skill_Magic_Main_us.tbl

    Please turn off the program mentioned for smooth gameplay, or
    uninstall it unless it is a must-have program.
    In addition, please scan your PC using an anti-virus program prior to
    game start for further check-up.
    For those who are using Windows 10 TP (Technical Preview), Microsoft
    is constantly making updates to improve functions and eliminate bugs.
    XIGNCODE3 accordingly needs updates following the frequent Windows 10
    TP changes. Although your game may have XIGNCODE3 error issues during
    game launch, please note that we are trying our best to keep in date
    regarding compatibility functions for Windows 10 TP.
    If you continue to have issues, please send us an additional email
    with a title of your game and publisher attached with your
    xigncode.log for personal assistance.

    Remember, we’re always here to protect you from hacks and malware!
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    Now that is funny - wellbia is saying that the thrid party program to remove is KnightOnline

    Definitely something wrong with the patch and XIGNCODE not liking something in it

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    And still we lose day by day premium service, and KO says or does response from KO yet?/

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    i even tried removing those files manually and run the game, but once it patchs it goes back to the same error, KO looking KO files as a thread and 3rd party usage :S yep something went wrong there!

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    KO -> Diez
    Change DNS

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