Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Shading and Graphics have been renewed. You can continue the game in the quality or original form you want from the Additional Option settings in the Option's section.

* Knight Royale Event has been activated for 4 weeks.

* Moradon Mine areas have been adjusted for the problem of characters getting stuck.

* Isiloon and Servant of Isiloon creatures will now appear in the middle of Lunar War maps.

* HP regeneration of Isiloon in Delos Dungeon has been removed.

* Arrangement has been made for the Isiloon HP system for the one in Delos Dungeon.
- Based on the time that Isiloon is killed, the next Isiloon will appear with a 10% HP increase and 10% Defense increase.
- HP and defense increase will increase by 10% after each quick kill, based on base HP and defense value.
- If Isiloon is killed after the specified time, the new Isiloon will appear according to the previous values.
- When Isiloon is reset, there will be no change in its values.

* Lunar War commander selections will be made according to the newly added Ladder ranking system.

* Isiloon teleport door that appeared when Felankor died has been removed.

* When the Lunar War war starts, players on the Krowaz map will be removed from the area.

* "Poison" spelling error that occurred after making Dark Knight Crossbow Rebirth has been fixed.

* Arrangements have been made regarding the writings and typographical errors on the items.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team