I started playing with warrior and very few times I had problems when I was cutting the game at this time my pc had no graphics card and had normal internet but then I switched to rogue archer and the problems started that I could not use the 5 arrows combo, left click, 3 arrows too long because I was already getting freeze mishaps and even DC for this reason I had to switch to the 5 arrows, W, 3 arrows combo, but there comes a time when the same thing happened and I thought it might be my pc so I decided to buy a graphics card and the same thing happened then I said that if it is not my pc it could be my internet so I switched to fiber optics and now I still have the same problems. I have formatted my pc and I only have the game. Now I would like to know if there is something I can do to fix the connection with the game, open a port on my modem or install something to avoid suffering more.
If the disconnection were instantaneous it wouldn't bother me much but the disconnection freezes 20 seconds and then DC and when I re-enter the game I'm dead.