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    Angry Clan pt in Juriad ???

    Been playing in Destan for a long time in human race. Today and the day before and several times before; orc side click slower and they get into Juriad as a clan team-party. Why??? Why slower side is luckier?

    Fix it please, you have put so many upgrades on Juriad and I think this wont be a problem. Please regulate the entry line as a random que.


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    If there is a change in the system, we will share it with you. But there is no work in this direction in the near process.

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    Yea, same thing happened again. an archer pt with their commander priest came acroos with our pt which was randomly put together. And we lost again....

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    Same thing happened again. Please fix this problem!!

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    Yea, same thing happened again and we lost !!!!!!!!
    I don't understand, is it fair to attend this event with 6 mages !! on discord!!
    Do you really thinks it's fair?

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