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    Modo intermittent in Ronark land

    - What is bugged?
    Player in intermittent mode, no one can harm you.
    - Where is the bug located?
    Ronark land
    - When did this bug started?
    When trying to harm the player
    - How should it work?
    should take damage, shouldn't be able to use flashing mode in Ronark Land
    - Where did it go wrong?
    Ronark Land

    General description:
    I have reported it in "cheat report" but they invalidate it, so I think it is a bug. What I can think of is that it may be a priest skill that I don't know but no one confirms. Because the answer I receive is that the skill of the magician ice lvl 80 causes it and it is something absurd as an enemy skill will turn no you into something invulnerable, it is also absurd because I have received this attack and if I was super slow and they killed me . Another piece of information the player uses an intermittent mode which is impossible to use in Ranark land (the intermittent mode is when you appear and disappear when you just enter the game or revive being in luffer or moradon).

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    The situation you are experiencing is the skill of a wizard character. 80 levels is also a skill used by the ice wizard who opens. This ability secures the opponent in place for 10 seconds and makes him untouchable. The person who is locked in place cannot be hit, and the person who is locked in place cannot use any abilities.

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