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Thread: Bug error 10060

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    Bug error 10060

    - What is bugged?
    I can't enter a server
    - Where is the bug located?
    I don't think it's a place, I think it was because I used the task manager to close "The Knight online"

    - When did this bug started?
    When I revive and do not regain experience.

    - How should it work?
    should be able to enter normal.

    - Where did it go wrong?
    when entering any server

    -General description:
    I'm not sure it's a bug, but I'm reporting what happened.
    Before it shows an error, I was doing a mission and it lagged (the game stopped) and when I see this I finish the task through the task manager because when the game stops. and I'm cutting something, when the game comes back I look dead and I lose experience but this time what happened was that when I came back after finishing the task, I looked dead but I was not sure I had lost experience but still I requested to be revived but when I live again I do not get any experience back as I always do and after a few minutes I disconnect and now it shows me this error.
    I think a bug happened in the game and that is why it shows me this error.

    pdt:I upload a video because for me it is easier than uploading an image

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    Please uninstall game from computer and restart your PC. Download the game via the link and install it again.


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