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    Serious Issues On Home Page......Needs Your Attention Pronto!!!!!!

    There is a real serious issue regarding logging into your account on the Home Page......A clan member thought he was blocked for something he never has done.....Logging in as he does every day to renew or order more Npoints.....When he logged onto the account section of the homepage......he had found himself blocked.....and yet he could logged onto the game.....Several members of my clan and alliance also logged onto the section for our accounts and also found ourselves blocked.

    Message is followed: Account has been blocked due to security measures. Please update your password through 'Forgot Password' function for able to login.

    And before some clown answers and say send in a need to send in a ticket if this issue is NTTGames problem.
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    I imagine it will be for security, since I spent some time without changing the password. also change it does not take 5 minutes.
    (It has happened to me too).

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