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    Smile A couple of questions about some issues im encountering.

    1. Im trying to log in but i cant. (my username and password are correct, i double checked my registration email) i tried to create a ticket but that 3rd party ICS thing thinks my phone # is virtual? but sends the code anyway? yet doesnt let me input the code..

    2. I cant seem to find a way to turn on the regular RPG perspective/immersed perspective/RP mode/POV , (whatever it is referred to in this game.) so my view is constantly obstructed by my me.

    Thanks in advance for the help, folks. Id like to get back into playing this game. it seems it has had a recent burst in popularity!

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    If you have problem about log-in to website; you can try with VPN extensions.

    You can adjust the setting in-game (F10 > Focus distance)

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    Is this a problem of the game?
    If it is solve please


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    This looks like your install file didnt download correctly. try to download again because something is corrupted.

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