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    Angry am I already getting tired of the same thing someday they will support the Latino ?

    hello that good night being 19:43 pm Peru time and I speak on behalf of all the Latinos existing on all the servers of the knight online because we are tired of the abuses that comment with us the truth we are already articles I do not understand how such a big company with nttgame can not see the situation in which their players are located I want to ask a question do you know that on the server also play Latinos ? and you also know we're 8 hours apart with turkey? they would like to know why so much discrimination towards us Latinos ever thought and "and they wondered there that supporting the Latino community "from what I see never, I have been playing 13 years and to this day I see nothing good towards us but all the opposite took away the war of the 10pm Latin hour, then removed the hour of the felankor and then they will take us away?? because I don't really know what to expect from all this I'm getting tired of the same thing I don't see improvements for us that we invest our time and money buying cash but they don't even support us that we have to make going to live in turkey?? or they want us to withdraw from the game ??? but restrict their income for lationameria and they only play Turks because the truth is neither 10 nor much less 30 Latinos we are more than 3000 Latino distributed on all servers which we are tired of so much abuse and I write this because we no longer know what to do, I would like to communicate with some GM and to understand that they support us or want us to move to steam knight seems that they without supporting the Latino community and you when ??? in q year??? I'd like to talk to a gm I leave my . I'm from server 10 / human
    from peru
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    Angry It is an abuse for Latinos.

    Friend Tony, you are absolutely right, there are so many years in this game. The war of the nights should return at least that.

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    Angry hello GM

    I agree with tony they are taking away all the desire to continue investing in the usko, if it continues like this we will have to move to steam here I leave the kc recharges that I have put on and I still have more, so you can see that we invest in you and pay us in that way felo 1am Peruvian hour and the war that they eliminated.
    The Turks complained about the deva that it was very difficult and they listened to them, will they listen to us?
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    Hey! good night ... I like so much the game, I played this game since I was a child and its my favorite ....but these last years has been changed a lot, you ony care about turkish people...but what about the latin people? we are a huge group of latin people that invest in your game, that likes play, but its not fair you dont cosidered us and just make decisions without thinking in us , I would like that return the war in the nights in the latin schedule, the felankor just appear in the turkish schedule and that its an advantage for them, for the latin people is too difficult to stay so late at night,, please dont forget about us !

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    There were so many cash recharges. I don't know what to expect, maybe they want us Latinos to leave the game, there are many irregularities for Latinos.

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    You have complained about the event hours, but the most affecting of these is the removal of the Lunar War event. War must be reactivated again.

    While most Turkish players cannot attend the JR event in the morning, but you can. This way there is a balance. There is also a Forgetten Temple event at night.

    The spawn times of bosses are fixed 3 times a day. I am sure that even one of them is suitable for you.

    I do not agree with you about Felankor. Because if Felankor respawn even at night(Turkey Time), I'm sure many players will set the alarm on their phones.

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    but we have 8 hours difference with the Turks before in our schedule the war was 10pm lationameria time and in turkey it was 6am and if there were people who came in and had fun playing there and because they don't lessen the time of the felankor who goes out at 1am Peruvian time to get out 10pm which means 6am Turkish time because they do not do something on our schedule to feel comfortable no matter that all the events do it early Turkish time because every time they do some event they do 1pm Peruvian time when we're all working

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    I speak on behalf of all the Latinos who give us animosity to keep playing but do not discourage us

    atte: TONY
    server diez
    the morad

    I've been playing cash for 13 years like everyone else and it's not fair all this on our schedule not there pk this super boring because the felankor comes out 1am Latin hour is too late to keep playing on the other hand for the Turks 1am is 9am they don't get complicated anything

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    Hello, being 9:00 pm in Peru. I want to comment on my annoyance towards the control, order and management that they have been doing with the game, giving priority in everything to the Turkish players. If the game is only for you, block foreign accounts to end it.
    That the Forgotten Temple or the Juraid Montain "swing" ??? It is a lie, false and stupid.
    The Felankor appears at times where Latinos work or sleep only. Because they don't put the felankor from 1:00 am (Peruvian time) to 9:00 or 10:00 pm (Peruvian time). We are not interested in whether they pass the temple at 3:00 am (Peruvian time) or the juraid at 1:00 am (Peruvian time).
    In all, it is not that we want to kill the felankor, but the fact that it is in the Colony Zone brings with it more orcs and humans and there may be a good pk in Latin nights. Stop being envious, selfish and think about your Latino players.
    Besides, before we had 03 war and now they took away the war of the night (Peruvian time) in which we obtained some PK.
    If not, fuck your game; inept administrators.

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    Angry we want equality

    Good evening, being 9:00 pm Peruvian time.
    • I want to report my discomfort like that of many Latinos who still play USKO, and we are affected by the lack of events in our schedules.
    • Most of the event is during work hours and we take a nap, which seems unfair to me.
    • We are not players of 1 month, or 1 year, we have been more than 10, 12 15 years in this.
    • The Forgotten temple that you yourself say has been forgotten by both Turks and Latinos.
    • The Juraid at 11:40 pm (Peruvian time), although it is true that many Turks do not enter because they have their accounts very armed, then going to an event for 02 gems of less than 2,000,000 coyn, is not worth it.
    • The felankor that leaves at 1:00 am (Peruvian time) leaves us in the minority since at 9:00 am (Turkish time) there are already players awake and it seems that they don't even work.
    • Both the WAR that they eliminated us also affects us because it reduces the PK in our schedule.
    • In my opinion they should do a restructuring of events and if they want to balance, then let's do it the other way around.
    • Here I will leave you an idea of ​​a possibility perhaps of events.
    My idea would be to put:
    • War: 6:00 pm (Peruvian time)
    • Felankor: 9:00 pm
    • (Peruvian time)
    • Forgotten Temple: 1:00 am (Peruvian time)
    • Juraid Montain: 1:40 am (Peruvian time).
    And if they don't want to, they can go to the same shit with their game. Stop being selfish and inept and think of the entire community that continues to play perhaps because of the nostalgia that it once brought us many years ago.
    Inept administrators.

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