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Thread: Paypal Error

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    Paypal Error

    My friend in Clan is having a problem with paypal....

    He normally have no problems with recharging his Npoints , but now suddenly he cant.

    He can log in and choose how many Npoints he wants but when it tries to go further to the paypal it dont work.

    He has talked to Paypal and they told him everything is fine from there side.

    He cant not login to Ko website or forum so this is why i am writing for him.

    Hope you can help

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    Hi, your Friend can not login to website, maybe this is a solution.

    try to rechange for website.

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    He can try to login website with VPN. And if there is a problem about Paypal payments u can [COLOR="#B22222"]submit a ticket.[/COLOR]

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    Oki i will tell him to try that . Ty for your answer

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    Yes there are serious issues with Paypal….For instance......I always transfer money from my bank and place on my Paypal Account.....Then I take the money from Paypal Account and place onto my Razor Account.....The issue with my Paypal account is that it has not done any updating for my total balance.....It still says that I have the same amount from 3 months ago which is incorrect....the balance is lower than it should be....I cannot at this time find a way to contact Paypal regarding this issue.....I know at one time there was a phone number you can call, which it no longer exists.....I'm afraid to use any of the remaining balance they say I have, in order to prevent me from having my Paypal Account labeled as a fraud account, and being blocked.....I have place an additional amount on my Paypal Account, which should be in the account in a few days and see if that makes any difference.
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