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    Update Notes 19.11.2020

    Hail Knights,

    During this server maintenance;

    *[NPC Aset] Minerva End of Sale.

    *End of Halloween Event.

    *Ares/Diez 2nd Channel Removal.

    *End of Drake’s Blessing 50% Sales Event.

    *Issue Fix – Player getting killed when move to another zone after gaining EXP while receiving Captcha Penalty is active.

    *Issue Fix – Players unable to fix items with Magic Hammer after using potions.

    *Clan UI – Broken Text Issue Fix.

    *[Monster Hunter Ranking] will be selected only from level 70 or above.

    *[Low Durability Warning UI] – Mouse over tool tip added (Additional mana will be consumed when using skills).

    *Pathos Glove (30 Days) Limited Edition Available for 4 weeks.
    - Limited Edition Pathos Glove has +1% higher attack (offensive option) and +1% higher defense (defensive option) than original item.

    *[Vega] HP 2200 Scroll / DEF 380 Scroll / 22% ATK DAMAGE Scroll Available for 4 weeks.
    - HP 2200 / DEF 380 - 60.000.000 Noah
    - HP 2200 / DEF 380 / Damage 22% - 75.000.000 Noah

    *[Vega] Juraid 1+1 Event Period Extended – 4 more weeks.

    *Eslant Unique Monsters, Felankor, Isiloon now respawn designated time and has new looting method.
    - Players will have chance to get drop as much as damage they do on monsters.
    - System will send announcement message 10 minutes before Unique monster spawns.
    - Server time 08:00, 16:00, 22:30.

    Have fun!
    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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    after this update, the character won't enter the game what to do ...?

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