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    Update Notes 05.11.2020

    Hail Knights,

    During this server maintenance;

    * The use of Drain and Abyss Fire in Eslan Bosses and Isiloon has been disabled.
    * Arrow Shower and MultiShot skills will not be available to Bugbear, Puga, Goblin Bouncer and Cobalt creatures in Elmorad and Luferson Castle Regions.
    * 2 Dungeon Knights have been added to the Groom Hound area.
    * Isiloon Aggro distance has been shortened.
    * Respawn points of Isiloon Servant monsters have been changed.
    * [Despair Abyss] The coin drop amount of Cave Leach monsters has been decreased.
    * Akara's Altar items will be auctioned as +1 and 0.
    * Akara's Altar 1.000.000 Coin event has been launched for 4 weeks.
    - All items that come to the auction during the event will start with 1,000,000 Coins.
    * Clan creation fee has been updated as 500,000> 10,000,000.
    * Juraid Mountain 1 + 1 event on Vega server has been extended for 2 weeks.
    * The item sending box in the mail box has been removed.
    * Font size sections have been added to options.
    * When skill is used with Durability zero item, 200 extra mana cost will be added to the skill used.
    * No items will be thrown when mining or fishing without captcha entry.
    * Stone Golem and Troll magic hammer drops were transferred to Grudge / Dispatch Knight and Apostle of flame monsters.
    * Election Manager UI renewed.
    * 5 seconds message cooldown has been added when the Buy / Sell market is established.
    * A 50% discount has been applied to the Drake Blessing item. (For 2 weeks)
    * Drake Blessing DOT damage reduction feature has been added.
    * 2 new towers have been added to Ardream Karus / Elmorad centers.
    - Towers UI has been changed.
    * When pets enter the NPC, the problem of clicking on NPC has been solved.

    Have fun!
    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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    60 skill level cooldown increased to 60 sec Nova
    70 skill level cooldown increased to 90 sec Meteor

    Berserk Echo,Blade of hell,Blade of hate 2,Blade of hate can be used only with 1-handed weapon
    (murky+hanguk,nebiros etc)


    3-5 arrows add cooldown.

    *Stone Golem, Troll in Ronarkland:
    Magic shell drop increased 50-70%.

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