It is very annoying to see plenty of spams and macro's happening in merchant-allowed servers(ex. Diez2, Vega2). People are spamming whatever they want on all chat or shout and their message disappears within a second. If you would share winning lottery numbers in here no one will ever see it lol!

I understand everyone wants to buy/sell things but there should a appreciative way of doing it. Past 10 years this has been an issue, I am aware NTT bring spam finder solution if player types frequently short and same things, however players in Moradon creating at least 3 different macro's to avoid this spam finder to not get muted.

Is it actually necessary to have all chat and shout enabled in merchant-allowed servers? When you start buy or sell merchant, you get merchant message anyway, so that should be more than enough! Sirius, Altar and Vega has still plenty of potentials and plenty of merchants, so it's unlikely for me to read 1 message twice in a chat.

What's your thoughts on this? Can NTT/mGame do anything about it? I have doubts...