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    [Update Notes] 22.10.2020

    Hail Knights,

    During this server maintenance;

    1. Isiloon returns to respawn point when she got out from her radius.

    2. [Hell/Despair Abyss] Dungeon Knight now uses skill to send players to top level.
    Dungeon Knights' attack power has been increased and they are using the skill randomly during the attack.

    3. [Ronarkland] Hellfire, Havoc, Enigma, Cruel now uses anti-summon skill.

    4. [Ronarkland] Hellfire, Havoc, Enigma, Cruel aggro recognition distance increased.

    5. [Ronarkland] Hellfire, Havoc, Enigma, Cruel returns to respawn point when got out from radius.

    6. [Item Tool tip] Text issue fix – Issue with text “Durability” when equipped by certain classes.

    7. [Item Tool tip] Improvements - Selling/Buying price will be displayed below durability.

    8. [Vega] Juraid Mountain 2x reward event (2 weeks).

    9. Improvement on Slide issue.

    10. A new addition option has been added to the Minerva Armor and Helmet Voucher items purchased from NPC Aset for 50,000,000 Noah.
    Armor - Damage increased by 2%
    Helmet - Damage increased by 1%

    11. Scary Halloween Events have started (4 weeks).

    12. Captcha Penalty accumulation system has added.

    10 minutes after No verification – Penalty point +2
    Verify Captcha within 10 minutes – Penalty point -1

    Exceptions to point deduction
    Verifying Captcha after 10 minutes
    Login Captcha
    Auto-verified Captcha using Premium or Genie usage

    When you reach 50 Penalty points, you will be sent to Moradon, if your penalty score increases, you will encounter the Captcha screen again in a shorter time.

    Have fun!
    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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