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    ICS Phone Number Support Extension!

    Hail Knights,

    ICS service necessity has been applied for Sirius, Altar and Vega servers instead of Nttnow application. During this change we've received many demands as not reaching phone numbers which are registered on ICS service. We decided to extend the providing phone number change service until December 31, 2020.

    Users who can't reach phone numbers in ICS service may send a ticket to get support for number changing.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Support Starting/Ending Time[/COLOR]
    October 21, 2020 - December 31, 2020

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Support Conditions[/COLOR]
    *Having NTTNow registration on account
    *Having at least 1 character in one of Sirius, Altar and Vega servers

    If you meet this conditions, you can get support for number change. Please click here and choose ICS category to send ticket about your request.

    Have Fun!
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    Hello, my name is Juan Carlos Espinoza Vargas, owner of the character bboykcero with ID:sico1000. I write to help me recover it, I lost the phone number 980713208 now someone else uses it. I spoke with the new user but he does not want to give me the code they sent he told me that he is going to report me. I really want to get my KO account back, I have it for about 10 years. I want to change the phone numberI will really appreciate all the help provided
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    How can i change mobile, when i cannot change my country code in the game when i wanna join for the first time??? Why you don't fix that problem ?!?! I played this game 10 year ago, and now i wanna start again, but i can't verify mobile...

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