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    Update Notes 15.10.2020

    Hail Knights,

    During this server maintenance;

    1. Chaos Stone (for Achievement) added to Ronarkland (doesn’t spawn any Bosses).

    2. Chaos Stone related achievements has been changed to Grudge Knight achievements.

    - Moster in Chaos I = Defeat 100 Jersey or Reepers or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland
    - Moster in Chaos II = Defeat 200 Durian or Samma or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland
    - Moster in Chaos III = Defeat 300 Javana or Barkk or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland
    - Moster in Chaos IV = Defeat 400 Query or Raxton or Knight of Grudgein Ronarkland

    3. Today's Lucky Event Ends.

    4. War Hero Wing & Lunar Tattoo are now unavailable.

    5. Akara's Altar is added.

    6. Minerva Armor/Helm Voucher (30 days) is now available -50,000,000 each (5 weeks). You can buy them from the Aset in the Moradon Map.

    7. DoT damage related system improvement.

    8. Slide lag improvement.

    9. Item Tool tip UI renewal.

    10. [Monster Stone] Stuck issue has been fixed.

    11. Dispatched Knight / Grudge Knight item drop has been increased.

    12. Envy is relocated (Before: near Evil Wizard / After: near Cardinal).

    13. Issue with icon not refreshing when searching via Menissiah Trade Board.

    14. Issue with equipping Mage Hat and Minerva Helm and changing zone makes hat disappear has been fixed.

    15. The option to change the fonts has been added to the Settings -> Font Option section.

    Have fun!
    NTTGame || Knight Online Team
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    New Item Tool Tip UI is awful.

    Old one was better.

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    Change's for +++ .


    Assassin class got 3 time nerfed....
    Other class nothing.

    Archer 3-5 arrows add cooldown.
    Warrior NERF !! He hit 1,1-1,5k non stop.
    Descent 1-2 min cooldown.
    Gab's Shield requirements STR(90) change to INT(90).
    Other shield's too. If other class want wear shield they must add some points to INT.
    Warrior so OP at the moment.

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