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    Paypal Recharge not working? - Cant Verify SMS without NT Points.

    Hi all,
    I'm from Australia so I havnt found any other means to get NP points without paypal, I have recharged twice now on the NT page waited over a week and it hasn't given me the NP points also the money hasn't left my paypal.. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a listed version of trusted online sellers for NTTGAME ESN Codes as an alternative, I'd like to start using Merchant on Knight Online but without my SMS verification I can't do squat. Can't Verify without NP Points.

    Seems to be a big stuff around tbh. Any way to fix?

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    Hey Haza,

    I checked your account and see that you've only 1 payment attempt with Paypal and it seems as rejected due to short history account. In Paypal, there is an investigation period for preventing abuses. Users who created a new account should buy lower Npoints at the first and increase character levels in game.

    Please pay attention to that when you try to buy Npoints with Paypal.

    Have Fun!

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