Hello everyone,

As many of you know, due to Covid 19, the whole world is doing their best to resist this pandemic with many possible measures.

And our youngsters who receive distance education during this period are looking forward to opening of their schools, meeting their friends.

However, we believe that distance education will protect our young students from ongoing pandemic threat and what we request from you to prepare images on the theme of Distance Education at Knight Online Schools


1- Every member can only submit 1 artwork.

2- Each submission should be original and background of work needs to be taken from Knight Online.

3- You can use Photoshop and Paint and your works should contain at least one Knight Online character.

4- You can only participate on one side of event (TR or EN).

5- You cannot participate with images used in previous forum event.

6- Your creations will be submitted within THIS THREAD via a post. In the post, you should state your server and in-game character name.

The time frame for entry is from 09.01.2020 till 09.30.2020


1st place 2400 NPoints
2nd place 2000 NPoints
3rd place 1600 NPoints

We wish success to all participants!

NTTGame || Knight Online World Team