Hello dear NTTGAME/GM/Developers staff:

The problem with servers is well known, and almost all comunity is being affected by this problem. I heared from discord that is is due DDOS attack to servers.
Also, we know that this problem is very common and comes from months ago, the solution I propose is using a BIG PLATFORM for hosting the servers, which is Amazon.

A lot of big corporations like Netflix, Fornite, etc uses Amazon Web Services to improve their performance on cloud computing, cloud servers, etc.

Amazon Web Services has a product with name Amazon Game Lift : https://aws.amazon.com/es/gamelift/
This service has a lot of servers arround the world, they guarantee a low ping for users and renting that service is cheaper than have and maintenance a own server. The DDOS attacks will be thing of the past, because the security of amazon is high.

I hope that developers can evaluate this alternative and make a official annoucement. All players will be gratefull with improvements in game playability, and a happy gammer is a gammer who will invest more money in PUS products.