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    16th Anniversary Event better known as the DC LAG DIE event

    Will be remembered as the "dc lag dc loose xp" event

    The presents were good - if only we could stay connected long enough to use them
    xp- dc, quests- dc, jr -dc lost temple - dc, pk -dc

    Wings were also a nice thought - made people want to xp and do quests, however instead of gaining xp, the 8 deaths i had over the 3 days meant i went backwards.

    Way to go KO!!

    Waste of time, waste of premium, waste of event

    Fix and test your servers before running events like this, just turns everyone away from the game

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    Agree bro. Only By half hour I died 2 times while I was doing quests, very well the whole exp I have recieved from quests I lost in a few minutes. Earlier I died 7 times. Its funny how they cant control and fix thier own game. My DC prem is wasting I cant operate my prems because of all time DC and LAG. The problems with DC have been showing up for the last 2 weeks and for this time my prem is wasted.

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    you guys got it wrong totally.

    the compensations for the massive lag and dc are not well distributed.

    when they gives you compensation from losing np and exp in game,
    point 1 - what you gained? you are actually losing more when trying to take advantage on it as you still getting dc and bad lag.
    point 2 - when compensations are giving out, every single players got it regardless where they are connecting from. but hang on, that included turkish players too while they are not having such issue, so basically these compensations are to give them a boost on top of your corpse and your invested funding to keep nttgame cost running.

    and now we are just return to square 1, repeating the same incident as before,
    so............. cheers and have a beers,
    either you lose patient, quit or just sitting tight and wait for them to fix it and then come and complain again how to beat the macro/pedal/k0xp players/farmers.

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