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    Thinking about coming back.

    Hello everyone,

    I used to play this game more than 10 years ago. I used to play in Edana and I was the Leader of a clan called TheCovenant. My game tag was VanHelsing.

    1- Is there anyone I used to know, or anyone that knows who I am still playing?
    2- What's the hacking situation right now? We used to have arrow hackers, gold farmers and all kinds of nonsense.
    3- Is there active English speaking clans I could play with us? The game used to be 95% Turkish players is it still the case?

    Thank you for your help

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    1 - Cannot answer to this question because I neither played in Edana nor know who your friends are. If they were foreigners like you, they probably are no longer playing.
    2 - Koxp is still a thing in the game. You may see some farmers who use koxp. On the other hand, almost everey player uses macro, especially Warriors, Archeries and Assasians.
    3 - The game is now has 2 faces. Old and new. New servers are Altar-Vega-Sirius while old servers are the rest. You may find English speaking clans in Ares or Diez. I do not think you can find an English speaking clan in the new servers.

    Even the notices are written in Turkish, how can you play the game? You will always be out of instant events that happen when NTTGame streams and kings are writing commands in Turkish and even if they create some events, you will be out of the game.

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    I recommend you try with other game if you want play and spend money here Ares Diez and Gordion. Other server is wasted of time and money. Here Knight Online 2019-2020 is worst year in service support for english players. The game is most safe that others years but They no have rules and requeriments for give you help in big problems. If you lost you items you dont have support for recover them the risk is high yet because Here in the game is a lot hackers and scammers. If you are very careful you can give it a try. The hours are in the afternoon or at night, it depends on your clan and your server.

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    answers to your questions:
    1) I don't know
    2) the number of the hackers is negligible, but yes, it is still a thing that has to be dealt with.
    3) I believe there are clans speaking english. however, more than 95% percent of the players are from turkey. as a result, they (we ) are quite dominant in all the events, unfortunately.

    my humble recommendation:

    don't start playing this game again. you have spent 10 years being away from this antique game, you can go on your life without it. if you check the discussion topics in the forum, there are so many subjects regarding a disconnection problem. users playing outside turkey have this disconnection problem and no solution has been developed by the authorities yet. unfortunately, they don't seem to be trying to solve this issue.

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    Well hello stranger.....Long time no hear......Tenishia from GOTA (GuardiansoftheAbyss)......Yes I still play and so does Orphus......I have been playing game since 2003.....I remember most of your clan members.....OneMalta, Sky, Gordo, Englaze, robzoomi is now a Karus player under MasterGnome.....Just to name a few....Akyma plays once in a while, but you can find her floating around on the forums....she has become a forum moderator......The hacking is not bad as it used to be.....but the GM's are on top of this constantly....Just make sure that if you decide to come back and play....make sure that your OTP helps prevents your from being hacked.....There are a few excellent English clans on Gordion, thats the server name after a couple of mergers......If your looking for an international clan.....meaning those that play in the European zone....check out the Marc clan and speaK with alimarc.....

    Lots of new changes inside the game.....more new npcs with daily events......Even new armor and weapons added to the game...just take your time to explore the game and have fun.
    Edana Human Sheriff Tenishia

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