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    Exclamation Disconnected server

    hello guys , people spanish / english got dc all day we can't do nothing in the game ( only turkish people still online ) please help us , im lose 1 day prem , can't do exp with genie because got dc all time .
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    YESSSSSSSSSSSS THAT'S SUCKS , can't pk can't farm because of dc all the day in ALTAR server , i'm not paying for premium to get dc all the day !! and the issue still going till now

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    Certain friends we have a lot of Latinos, please can you focus a little more on us and treat us as clients, it seems that they do not consider us just like the Turkish community we invest our time and money in this game and it is not possible that they do not consider us and just look at the well-being for you the Turks always put out events for the Turks in Turkish time and for us did he ever come to think of us? Latinos if we don't feel comfortable ??? Have you compared how is the treatment of knight steam with the usko? I think they should have a little consideration with us Latinos, I feel outraged by everything that is currently happening in the game is not from now, it is already months ago where they also removed the war of 10pm Latin time (5am hour turca) they don't care about me, Latinos only think about their people, not about us one day, will they think about their external players? Because not only do Turks play but the entire Latin American community
    This is a business for this reason they must satisfy and read the needs of the people and support their people to have a good game and if something is wrong then communicate. This is from all the Latin people .. Thank you

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