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    Cool A millionaire in Knight Online [ProHelp?]

    Hello friends,
    as I didn't play from few years, I'm well outdated what's going on with the game and how developed it is.
    My questions are regarding character build and pay-2-win.

    Q1: Which is the best server at the moment to make a fresh start? (preferably to have English speaking people, less cheaters). Also potential for good PvP base

    Q2: Which is the best PvP character? I've understood there is some new moster character, is it better than warrior?

    Q3: If, for example, I'm rich and want literally to pay2win as a Warrior character, which would be the BEST BEST items that money could buy for me as a Warrior? What is the best full character inventory? Set, Weapons, Accessories, etc? Literally full inventory and everything additional, that could potentially increase my chance to win. Literally the best combination of items with maximum stats in order to destroy anyone and how much would it cost me in real cash

    ROC +100 (50 EUR)
    Raptor +100 (100 EUR)

    I think it would be useful for others as well.

    Thank you for taking the time
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    Hey there,

    I think you didn't know in all that talking about items/chars or gold bar for real money was forbidden on NTT/Knight Online official platforms.

    NTTGame Community Team l @PeraNTT

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