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    Question about warrior legend quest (10k arena kill quest)

    Dear Nttgame staff/GM,

    I have a question regarding a quest in game hope that anyone of you could provide me some information as I raised this question at CS and CS asked me to raise my quest at CR, but before I have the chance to read the response CR already removed my post hahahahaha, so I need to ask again at here.

    It is regarding the ten thousand kills count in moradon arena quest.
    (Achievement>War>Moradon>Legend of the Arena).

    My question is, is it illegal to use descent skill on a warrior to teleport itself into the arena from the respawn spot for another warrior in arena to kill it?

    As I remembered that many many years back(yes we are speaking of many many years back in TRKO with nttgame) when I first started Nttgame's KO, I saw a warrior inside arena using another warrior to descent from respawn spot for the quest, at first I thought it is an illegal activities, then I contacted CR but was told that it is nothing wrong with it. May I have the confirmation with GM or Nttgame staff to confirm again about this?

    Similarly, what about a mage tp itself into arena from outside?

    Thank you very much for the time.

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    its legal. no problem. you have just 1 killer, 1 tp mage and 1-2 death character. You can finish the task in 4-5 hours.
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    Legal if dont use macro/tpt software. If u see they a.f.k when u chat or make illegal activity, u can report and send to CR.

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    Thanks enezx and RizalWarrior for the feedback. really thank you.

    To be safe, i guess it is best to wait for nttgame staff or gm to response on the question, that is to prevent any unnecessary argument or confusion, unless none of them ever care of responding on this topic, say for two weeks, I am pretty sure the player shouldn't be blame if they somehow take it as illegal activities ingame as the players already seek for an answer from CR, CS and forum and that is all a player could do.

    am i right?

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    it is 28 07 2020 now, it has been awhile and GM/Nttgame still no responding on my post or perhaps it is totally fine to use descent trick for the legend quest(+9str)

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    Post was created on 07-16-2020, and yet no GM, CR and CS responded to my question,
    I assumed and concluded it is acceptable game play behavior for me to run genie inside arena zone and use another descent warrior to self-teleport into the arena to get kill on each death for the 10,000 arena kill quest.

    Thank you so much.

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    Hi everyone,

    Just to share something with everyone here to show how lousy Nttgame support is.

    I raised a question in forum on 16-Jul-2020 as this is the only way a player could get a confirm answer via a genuine channel without breaking any ingame rules or for a legit game play.
    (do remember when I ask same question as customer support, and they forwarded me here as they don't care shit matter like this.)

    I asked if it is legit game play for a player to use warrior's "descent" skill to teleport into arena for Legend of Arena quest and until 03-Aug-2020,
    but..........NONE of the nttgame GM, CR staff nor CS EVER responded to my answer
    they don't give a shit at all.

    and last night 31-Aug-2020 (+11gmt), I try to use such way to complete the quest,
    and I believe someone reported it on discord, I get disconnected instantly and come back with 3 days ban.

    This is so pathetic to see incident like this. Very shameful.

    Date: 2020 Aug 31
    Time: 11 30pm(+11gmt)
    Server: Rosertta
    Map: Moradon Arena
    Player: Christ01
    Reason: Arena banned 3 days
    Incident: Christ01 was doing arena legend quest using descent skill tp into arena to get kill and it got dc suddenly and was told to ban for 3 days on relog.
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