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Thread: Weigh Inventory

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    Weigh Inventory

    Hello everyone .
    i've been looking for an inventory weigh guide but i couldnt find it .
    im a 61 lvl rogue and i got 620 of weigh inventory , but i saw other chars higher lvl than me that have more weight inventory .. is it for the lvl or for the char? or some kind of item that increases inventory weigh , thank you for the information in advance .
    See you and have a nice day .

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    Magic bag- 300 weight
    Wings- 300-500 weight
    tattoo - 150-350 weight

    and i suggest vip key.

    or if you play archers here you need enion bow for strength bonus
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    thank you so much for the info man .

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    or u can make str armor set. and buy stuff then unequipped back.

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    You can use Foverin+1+2+3 12strx2 24str Max with Amulet of Curse+1+2+3 x1 25str Maximum this help you with a little more of Weight because they have str bonus if u are rich you can use felankor. If you want consume less weight you can buy of Power up Store with Knight Cash Hp/MP Maestro Voucher or spend Noah coins in npc moradon near karus gate NPC [Event Manager] Aset location 797,537 have option Blessed Potion 5000 potion hp or mp weight very low.
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