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    Question Can Gm remove ban if people is banned for Tpt Ip Match or What VPN is recommend?

    Hey I have a doubt. If I use VPN to play, my account be banned?
    For the quarantine and this issue of the covid-19 the networks go wrong and is injuhable in day and night hours no all time just time in time.
    I just wonder why I want to try several to try to stabilize my connection to the game.
    The rest of the games (osu!-cs:go-Dota2-League of legends...)is normal for me only with this game I have these problems.
    If you can recommend a good one for me not to be banned or to spend my money in vain.

    I am not trying to cheat in game or multiaccount juraid just trying improve my connection for play in an acceptable way.
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