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    Yes tried that too - changing DNS did not help.

    Problem is the more people I ask in the game if they can log in, the more people I find out cant log in either...thats why we are not hearing from them on the forum

    Can A MODERATOR please tell me how we are supposed to submit support tickets for this if we cant log on? or at least be kind enough to pm me and let me know NTTGAME is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it

    This total ignoring of people is not nice. And rest assured, its not just me who cant log in theres lots of people waiting to see an answer here as they cant log in to post

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    I'm still able to log into the website. I'm not sure if this makes any difference but whenever I go to the website, i actually get the below address with the "/#1" added on to the address automatically. Maybe try adding that to the address before trying to log in? I rememeber I always had problems trying to log in from the offical forums page so i always log in using the website. Good luck!

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    Try to use updated Edge.

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    I am having the same problem. I made an account and I can login the game fine but I cannot login to the website. It first says 'Incorrect information' and if I click submit again, it says that the captcha information is wrong. I tried on multiple browser to login to that account, incognite mode and I even tried to login with a different IP and it still won't let me even though I can definitely login to the game. If I do forgot password or forgot id, I get errors as well and I can't login to the forum to submit a ticket. Definitely need some help as well.

    To write this post, I had to create another account with another IP address because it would not let me create another account on the same IP for some reason. Hope we can get some help from the staff soon.

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    There have been server wipes as well as massive account bans. I had trouble re activating my old account, only to discover I could no longer trade or set up merchant without buying premium. The game requires a checkbook to fully enjoy, an unfortunate truth. Or, you could play it as a part [color=#000000]Nox[/color] [color=#000000]Vidmate[/color] [color=#000000]VLC[/color] time job, which is exactly what is required for gearing, upgrading, farming etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueOne View Post
    did you try dns of google or cloudfare dns

    I'm in Canada and I don't have any trouble to log in for the moment.
    yup... using this trick should works most of the time but not every single time.
    however, there is a tricky way(or perhaps risky way, if some idiots happened to cheat with the same IP as what you used to log in then you are screwed) to log in 100% it works, that is VPN to turkish domain.

    Please don't get me wrong, I am not teaching people to cheat or trick here, but considering some people just need the access to log into the account for urgent matters, like security reason(change password), recharge NPoints or seek for helps in forum.

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    You can use Opera it have a VPN option in the settings but not sure if it will help... Opera is a Web Browser.

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