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    whats up with the website?

    Can't log into the nttgame website nor can two of my friends who just tried one in Canada one in the States

    Either i get your information was incorrect

    or session expired

    and information user name and password is correct so is theirs

    i am outside of Turkey too

    whats going on here?
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    Could you clear browser cookies
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    it didnt work

    we still getting the same error messages

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    does anyone else outside of turkey have the same problem with logging into website? most of my friends can't log in. Those that can are using a vpn to do so.

    Also after being told to clear cookies could no longer log into forum either. same error as website

    When will this be fixed? its so annoyingggggggggggggggg
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    I can log into the website and the forums. I didn't have any issues...yet. Hope things get fixed for you and other soon!

    to be clear, you are talking about this website right?

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    You may want to try and use a different browser.....I know that when I use Firefox or regular Internet explorer....I get those same errors.....Hope this helps.
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    Yes that page

    thanx for replies

    we have tried chrome, explorer, safari, as well as different devices

    we are all getting the same error message....session timed out.

    our countries are australia, the states and canada

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    I am from germany, i can only login with vpn, otherwise it says wrong input or session expired.

    Dear Moderators,

    Please give us some reasonable answers, make announcement about the problems and inform us about the situation.


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    Still can't log into website or forum which makes sending a support ticket impossible

    3 of my friends have returned to game and its asking them to rest password...however when forgot password is selected it says session expired or information is incorrect

    (says that when i try it too for the account im playing on now so I can't even help them by sending a support ticket)

    So we tried creating a new account, lvled it to 40 and then when we tried to log onto the website with that account information it says the session expired. When hitting the forgort password button and entering the email it says that account doesnt exist yet a verification email was sent to that address

    we spoke to a moderator last night but there was a language barrier problem, and everything he tried didnt work.

    the only reason i can post in the forum is because i was logged into the forum on this account before the problem started and havent cleared cookies. When i did clear cookies on other pc i couldnt even log into the forum

    We tried with a VPN and it didnt work

    We even asked some clannies from Turkey to try and log onto website. One person had no problem logging on. The other 2 couldnt log in.

    How can you run a game like this?

    Can someone on the staff tell us whats happening and how long it will take to fix?
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    did you try dns of google or cloudfare dns

    I'm in Canada and I don't have any trouble to log in for the moment.

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