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    Ooo thats why I can't verify my account. Very weird and stupid that dutch and Belgium players cant verify their account.
    The game is totally handicapped now tbh

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    Hi there again.
    I need help badly i am trying too change phone number from my friend in spain so far so good but @ 1 point i need to give 1 time code from otp device.
    But icant because my otp device is blocked whatacaaqn i do too fix that???????
    Bij the way i cant get reset code because holland is not save country but i get all code i neet too install otp on my dutch phone is that not strange?????
    So pls if any moderator or game master read this i need help badly


    cyton123 player over 15 years from Holland

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    Hi again.
    I have made otp on my account with the help off a lovely friend Alina from spain so now all good again.
    I had also the help from customer support with the help too change my phone number thx alot


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