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    Angry This a joke? Failed Logging into the ARES1 server. (10060)

    Hello everyone,

    last week we got a 10 day switch prem as compensation for the offline beeing of the server.
    for the last 2 days im having this (Failed logging into the ARES1 server. (10060)

    now my question is, are these problems going to continue or are u honestly working on it to fix?
    if its not getting fixed just tell us u know, i dont care if we getting abandoned from the game. just be honest about it.

    p.s i would apreciate another compensation for this (10060) issue that is still going on.

    Thanks u for........ i dont know


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    I agree with you regarding the compensation. We could not enjoy our paid premiums due to that lag and dc issue. I can clearly say that 10-day of my premium went in vain. At first we kindly ask you to fix that pain in the neck. And then please provide us, i mean residents outside Turkey, another compensation.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest we focus all "unstable connection", "10060", "login failure", "DC" post in most active(hot) thread at this point of time so that we can highlight how severe the issue is.

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    I have the same problem, I gave pre 15 days gift, we can't use it, we get 10060 error

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    Havent been able to login all day
    same error as the rest 10060 login failure

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    I have the same problem to login to the server, I activate de War Premium, playing at 40% beacuse the other 60% is constantly DC. But in the last 12 hours i cant log...

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    Same probleme her, i lost some premium days with dc and failed loggin error 10060..

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    Same problem, many hours without playing and no GM announcements. solve this problem because you can only play if you are from turkey?

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    Same problem... what a *** Failed Login server from yesterday

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    Same as well. I could log in to servers but i got disconnect from the server almost in every 30 min. Now, i could not log in to servers since yesterday. Always Failed login server 10060.

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