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    [Patch Notes] April 9, 2020

    Hail Knights,

    During this maintenance;

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]About Compensation for Connection Problems[/COLOR]

    A new NPC has been added to the Moradon Map to compensate for connection issues past weeks.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]You can get compensation items once with an account.[/COLOR]

    Warning: The items you will get from NPC Aset will be ready for using directly and these items will be expired after you received them.

    Therefore, if you have items that you already use among compensation items in NPC, we recommend that you wait for their expiring date before you receive from NPC.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]NPC Aset will be available in Moradon map for 4 weeks.[/COLOR]

    Items you can get from NPC Aset;

    Additional info;

    All items except War Hero Wings are set to start from the moment they have received from the NPC.

    All items except War Hero Wings, can be receivable on NPC Aset for 4 weeks. You must get the War Hero Wings item within 2 weeks on NPC Aset.

    War Hero Wings (30 Days) (You can activate at any time)

    Hellfire Dragon Wings (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    Magic Bag (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    [Event Emblem] Voucher (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    Oreads (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    2x Pathos Glove (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    Lunar Tattoo (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    Minerva Package (7 Days) (The 7 day period starts immediately.)

    Note: All of compensation rewards can be obtainable for all users along 1 month since April 9.


    About Premium Times:

    Our players who have Premium between 19 - 31 March, have been compensated throufg in-game mail according to the number of premium days they have during connection problem.

    Accordingly, in the process of the problem:

    1 day Switching Premium for our players who have [COLOR="#FF0000"]1 [/COLOR]day premium
    Switching Premium for 3 days for our players who have [COLOR="#FF0000"]1-2[/COLOR] days premium
    Switching Premium for 7 days for our players who have [COLOR="#FF0000"]3-6[/COLOR] days premium
    Switching Premium for 10 days for our players who have [COLOR="#FF0000"]7-9[/COLOR] days premium
    Switching Premium for 15 days for our players who have [COLOR="#FF0000"]10-14[/COLOR] days premium

    The Switching Premium was sent by in-game mail.

    EXP - War - DC premiums will be activated by Switch premium activation. If you already have one of these premiums, you may wait for their ending unless you don't want to let them expired in same time.


    Patch Notes:

    * Fixed the issue with the player unable to select the premium when having 6 different premiums.

    * Fixed the text problems on Exception Weapons.

    * Shading was added to the objects and buildings in the game. Also, the distance limit was imposed on these objects. You can no longer approach these areas after certain limits.

    * The feature provided by the Holy Animor item has been changed as MP Recovery.

    * Fixed the error that purchasing prices of the potions in the Draki dungeon.

    * Players who die on the Chaos map will be sent to the Moradon map, if they do not respawn within 2 minutes.

    * Arrangements have been made to the walls on the Chaos map.

    * If you go behind the walls in Chaos map, your character will be sent directly to the Moradon map.

    * Fixed a typo in the conditions required to achieve "Secret of Immortality and I'm the Legend" achievement.

    * The Ronark Land map has been activated for Sirius / Altar 3 servers between 18:00 and 02:00.

    * Merchant activation on the Destan 1 server has been closed.


    [COLOR="#FF0000"]The special event for the Vega server![/COLOR]

    For two weeks, the 1+1 event was activated on the Vega server.

    -If you level up once during the duration of the event, you will level up an extra level. (Single levels only. 1, 3, 5, etc.)

    -1+1 Level Increase Event is only available up to level 77. (The highest level you can reach is 79.)

    -It is only valid at odd-numbered levels. (You cannot go from level 2 to level 4 with the event.)

    -Please note that only our PREMIUM OWNER players can benefit from the event!


    [COLOR="#FF0000"]Power Up Store Sale[/COLOR]

    You will be able to purchase the Power-Up Store items listed below for 2 weeks with discounted prices.

    [COLOR="#FF0000"]About Event Hours[/COLOR]

    * Event times have been changed, you can find current event times below.

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