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Thread: Dc problem

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    i have same problem with this game dc lag and diconect cant login etc etc.
    Now i want a reset code from ics even that is not possible because holland(the Netherlands) is not in the Phone list.
    What can a gm or modarator do some thing about this because this is really stupide

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    and what i try too say more we even cant make a ticket because cotha dont work wth is wrong with this game.
    If the game holder not want that other players play this game just say it to be honest .
    I have played this game 14 years and i have seen all in this game but this is new for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by iD3mko View Post
    Whos care us bro, turks now playing with out any problem but we have dc every 10 min. I been 10times in JR Dungeon, and got DC, I died a lot of time in exp and farm slots.
    Everyone talks about this gifts for DDOS problems etc... Turks now playing but our premiums we still can not use.

    We just pay for nothing, omg its 2020 and this game have still problems. GMs doesnt care, boss from korea looking just for money, Really DC system is bad, no delay or reconnecting like in other games, one lag = automaticly Disconnect.
    Graphics unchanged
    Resellers with 10computers in moradon also farmers with 10 computer and that all they doing for money, and then selling in turkish websites
    This game is FREE TO PLAY from 2004 ? Hahaha no no, PAY TO WIN !!! This game is just about money not players
    wel look in ronark top 10 when you get dcd and look again list its stil the same but its all turkisch players so they dont have the problem

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