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    Its a chance to catchup old players in arez?

    Hello boys and girls im old veteran player who got like 10 years break from K.o
    I want ask if its a chance to start today on arez and be competetive in next few months how its looks?
    How many gold bars u need to be decent geared warrior or battle priest or archer?
    Thanks for all answer.
    Sorry for my english

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    hello bro yes it is, start human pm Atomek or VitoCorleoN we will help you

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    Yeah. we need priest here on Ares. Join our clan sir.

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    hiii im old player too like 10 years back i used to be in clan BadeOfVengeance. problaby clan disappeared any old members. i want to come back ardream or ronark land. my names amidths. Pm me please.

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