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    Is there an issue with windows 10 and KO ?

    Old SSD failed, so i did a fresh install of windows 10 along with fresh install of KO and keep getting the "Login Server Connection failed? Please retry connecting!" message. I paused windows defender, firewall & network protection, and virus & threat protection before downloading KO.

    Changed DNS to 8 8 4 4. Still no luck. Also tried to launch from the NTTGame file launcher. That did not work either.

    Any suggestions?

    The only other thing i have downloaded is Runescape 3, Are there known issues with KO and Jagex running on the same PC? Unsure if their anti cheat programs conflicted each other.

    Edit 1: downloaded KO for steam and it ran fine. Just can't connect with the game client download from the official website (Game Version 2262)
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    My brother is also getting this error, recently tried to install KO and was hit with "Login Server Connection failed! Please retry connecting!" in the launcher.. Can't find a fix.

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